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I get an email from an art director who wants to use an image of mine for a book, Gap Creek by Robert Morgan. I'd never heard of it, but a quick search reveals it's an Oprah's Book Club Selection. It also reveals the book is about Appalachia and I'm wondering, do I even have any images from the Appalachians on my site?

 I can be in the Smoky Mountains in half a day, the Catskills in a day and a half and I have more Catskill images than the Smokies. It's not the Smokies fault, or any of the various mountainous areas between here and the east coast. It's just that they are so big, a bit overwhelming.

But I remember this image, one of a handful I took after spending the night on the road. I used to make these mad dashes between the east coast and the midwest, sleeping in rest areas and waking up stiff and needing a Waffle House.

 This was one of those mornings, one of those times when the interstate is to the right, the mountains to the left and you can't help yourself. I couldn't find this scene again if I tried. Maybe Oprah recognizes it?

 Fine art print of the Appalachian Mountains, somewhere in West Virginia I think. Never even noticed the little wooden building till the art director for the book moved it to where it should be.

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