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Meet the artists behind The Wytchery

A random message from one photographer to another started a conversation which has lasted nearly a decade now. Though separated by an ocean, shared tastes and interests led to an exploration of photography and digital art that led to a style which feeds off each other, but remains singular to each. 

British artist Cate Davies and American artist Todd Atteberry started the Wytchery to share their visual conversation. If one knows where, or rather how to look, it's like a photographic diary of a friendship. 

A sense of atmosphere, mystery and a penchant for time travel - or rather the timeless are mutual traits in each other's work. It's not just that the two artists' styles work well side by side, the images belong that way. 

Whether working alone, traipsing through fields together, or collaborating from half a world apart, The two still find ways to see the world through each other's eyes. 

By Cate and Todd ...

The Antiquarian’s Folio, A Portfolio of Prehistoric British Sites

Britain is littered all over with history and prehistory. Explore some of the ancient wonders, from stone circles and standing stones to the Romans. Atmospheric images coupled with the writing of some the antiquarians responsible for keeping these places alive, along with their sketches. Twenty locations from around England, Scotland and Wales.

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