The Photographic Art of Cate Davies

You know an artist is good when other artists sing their praises. "Cate’s work defies definition. Her eye sees things mere mortals may miss, and captures them for an intense viewing experience. Creating visionary work at seemingly lightening speed, there's always something new to take your breath away."

This is true. What boggles my mind is the simplicity of her approach, as well as a deft hand when it comes to post processing. She works fast, her actions bold and decisive.

Cate's images go beyond photography to capture moments with the immediacy of a sketch or watercolor. People don't compare her to other photographers, but to the old masters of art.

Born and raised in Wales, now living in Wiltshire via London, Cate's world is an enchanted world. She's the spirit of the woods and it's easy to imagine yourself trailing behind, her misty presence betrayed by the scent of incense drifting back to you through the trees. Just when you think you've defined her you find you've been chasing the will o' the wisp, and she's still outside your grasp.

She's a master of atmosphere, casting a mood with her art. She can change gears and go seamlessly from landscapes, to animal photography, to images of plants that can make a botanist swoon. When she travels, she defines the place not so much how it looked from the outside, but how it feels on the inside to be there. Welcome to her world, where dreams do become reality.

All images Copyright 2019, Cate Davies. All Rights Reserved.

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