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View Of The Catskills From Across The Hudson

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It's late in the day, a day full of the Catskills and in order to escape their magic I cross the Hudson and head south down the opposite bank. A new adventure. A surprise awaits just after crossing as I see the turnoff to Olana, which I've wanted to see since I first saw a special on it on PBS, years ago.

 Olana was the home of Frederick Edwin Church, one of the most famous of the 19th century Hudson River School artists.

 To call Olana eclectic is as much of an understatement as calling it beautiful, and I make the turn, winding up the hill before coming upon Olana's back side. Tour hours are long over, and aside from one vehicle I seem to have the place to myself. So I wonder the perimeter of the house and turning around, I see why Church picked this location.

 The Hudson flows below, the Catskills beyond catching the sun's last rays. Olan's Persian tiles catch the light and you see the house as belonging here in all its weird splendor.

But it's the view that holds the eye, the house is simply the frame. You would swear you could fly.

 Fine art print of the Hudson River and the Catskills beyond, taken from Olana State Historic Site in the fall. After hours, when you're probably not supposed to be here. A stolen view.

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