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The Puritan, Statue of Roger Conant in Salem

It is thought that Roger Conant landed in Plymouth colony in 1624, settling among the early pilgrims to North America. Contrary to popular belief, the pilgrims were attempting to establish a colony based on strict adherence to religious law, rather than promoting freedom of religion. 

As a result, those wanting a bit more freedom in how they worshipped began moving elsewhere and forming new settlements. The pilgrims reacted harshly and often, quite violently. This could well be the reason why Conant left Plymouth for Cape Ann, and eventually Salem.

In Salem Roger Conant was known as a statesman, which is the reason for the statue near where he built the first house on what was to become Essex street. Many people who see the statue believe it to be of a harsh magistrate or minister, tied to the Salem Witch trials. In reality, Conant was rather moderate in his views, and was dead quite some time before the Salem witch hunt.

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