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Mysterious Carvings of Long Island's Hempstead House

At Hempstead House At Sands Point Preserve on Long Island's Gold Coast a keen eye will begin to pick out peculiar carvings in the stone. Some are obvious, some you have to look for and several are, well, incredibly here. Mythological creates battle each other, a skull in a crown holds a scepter, stoic knights keep vigilant watch and most strange - two hares hold down what looks like a sheep with wings while one appears to be sniffing its backside.

The Hempstead House was built in 1912 by Howard Gould for his wife, a former Buffalo BIll's Wild West show girl, who wanted a castle like those they saw on their European honeymoon. His first attempt failed to meet her expectations and became the stables. His second attempt, Hempstead House passed muster, evidently quite well as she proceeded to run off with the architect. For more info ...
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