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Todd Atteberry ... A gothic curiosity and history trekker

Todd’s work is about time travel. It happens when you look around you and find the angle where the present is obscured and the past comes to the forefront. When he travels he waits for the moment when the tourists disappear, finding the angle where the power lines are hidden, to find the past hidden in plain sight of the present. He long ago traded in his pencils and brushes for a camera, but keeps the sensibilities that those instruments bring - light, texture and composition.

With an unhealthy attraction to things dark and mysterious, Todd travels to places where something ghastly has occurred, “which results at times in the sudden realization that I’m sleeping in a bed where a hundred years ago, the former occupant shot himself and has been seen periodically since.” He’s stood on the spot where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake and stood in the basement of the Salem Village parsonage where the witch hysteria began,

His travel photography and writing is documented in A Gothic Curiosity Cabinet, a catalog of his excursions, gothic Ghost stories collected over the years, history, paganism and of course, witches.

“The word witch triggers strong emotions in people. For some it’s abhorrence, but to others it elicits a feeling of magic and mystery which too often we lose as we get older. This is for those who hear the word and finds the feeling romantic.”

"I grew up in a haunted house and had my own ghost following me around when I was younger, so there was never a question of did I believe. I may not know what these things are, but I know they’re there.”

In addition to a number of book covers, his work has also been featured in, The New York Times, The Boston Herald, BBC, The Guardian, CNN, MSNBC, Broadway World, Indianapolis Post, NY Daily News, Fodors, Country Living Magazine, House Beautiful, Good Housekeeping and AMC. He’s also worked with The Daughters of the American Revolution, The Civil War Trust, Plimoth Plantation, History Press, Algonquin Press, Black Cat Press, Historic Hudson Valley, Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow, Philipsburg Manor, Horseman’s Hollow, Sunnyside, SmugMug, Willard Library and The Stony Brook Environmental Conservancy.

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