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Lovely art, literate sentiments for when the usual bullshit won't do

There's nothing like the truth well said. Maybe your love is best expressed by Shelley, or the Marquis de Sade is more to your taste? You want to send a sympathy card but you really want to say something more than the trite, "I'm sorry for your loss." Or maybe you're an introvert that just really wants to be left alone.

We hear you. These cards are for you. 

$6.50 each. Say hello to you closest friends, ten for $35.00. Or throw a party ... twenty five for $75. Contact us for customization. 


For Halloween

Heart of Aphrodite: Thoughts of Love

Darkness Enveloped: Sympathy Cards for the Morbid

Greeting Cards for Introverts

Dark Thoughts:

Edgar Allan Poe

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