Travel photography of the historic and haunted by Todd Atteberry

The haunted, the historic and the enchanted ...

Fine art prints, art books, greeting cards and more

Explore the work of British artist Cate Davies and American artist Todd Atteberry

Art for prints and stock photography. Prints start at $40. All items fully guaranteed. 


Featured Galleries ...

Historic homes where the past lives on in the shadows and under the bed


A secret path in the forest. Will it lead to darkness, light or to another world?


The British village as seen through American eyes


The Books ...

The ancient sites of Great Britain - an enigmatic history written in stone by Todd Atteberry and Cate Davies

Affordable postcards of the destinations in the book, with the original art


Fine art prints from the book Into The Mist. Explore the misty British countryside with atmospheres by Cate Davies


An Incomplete Herbal ... Images by Cate Davies: The sorcery of botanicals, a witch's garden full of wicked herbs and lovely flowers


Greeting Cards ...

Lovely art, literate sentiments for when the usual bullshit won't do

Art from the Wytchery married to quotes from the Romantic poets and horror writers. For those looking for something a bit out of the ordinary. 

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